Previous Conferences

Each year ACRA presents a dynamic and multifaceted convention to bring together CRM practitioners and those in related fields. Our annual meeting is a prime venue to exchange ideas and meet new colleagues. It is through member participation that our conference program can expand each year, bringing new ideas and evoking teamwork as we strive to make our industry stronger. Explore our previous conference and their schedules below.

2023: Indianapolis, Indiana
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2022: San Antonio, Texas
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2021: Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
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2019: Spokane, Washington
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2018: Cincinnati, Ohio
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2017: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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2016: Palm Springs, California
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2015: Denver, Colorado
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2014: St. Pete Beach, Florida
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2013: Washington, DC
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2012: Seattle, Washington

2011: St. Charles, Missouri

2010: Madison, Wisconsin

2009: Providence, Rhode Island

2008: Tucson, Arizona

2007: St. Petersburg, Florida

2006: Columbus, Ohio

2005: Washington, D.C.

2004: Riverside, California

2003: Dallas, Texas

2002: Savannah, Georgia

2001: Cincinnati, Ohio

2000: Phoenix, Arizona

1999: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

1998: Denver, Colorado

1997: St. Louis, Missouri

1996: Sacramento, California

1995: Washington, D.C.