ACRA recognizes three categories of membership, with dues for each based on the average, three-year gross revenue of the firm:

  • Small Firms
  • Medium Firms
  • Large Firms

For consulting firms such as engineering firms that do not derive their primary income from cultural resources consulting, dues are based on gross receipts of the firm’s cultural resources department. 

Note: Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes, but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Associate memberships and student memberships are also available to government agencies, individuals, and students (associate membership is not open to individual consultants whose firms qualify for a regular membership).

NAEP members applying for ACRA membership for their firm:

Do not pay the membership invoice immediately once generated. Contact us before payment with proof of NAEP membership
(i.e. member number) to get the 10% discount applied.

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