Membership Benefits

We’re proud to help our member firms be better businesses, and with their support, work to make our industry even better.

Be a Better Business

Healthcare Program

Saving member firms 60% on average; includes options for part-time and temporary employees.

Professional Liability Insurance

Members firms are eligible for a 5-10% discount on policies tailored to our industry.

Business Opportunities

Network, team and sub-consult with small, medium, and large ACRA firms. Also support and mentorship opportunities.

Helpful Resources

Members-only resources and information to make running your business easier.

Get Business Discounts


ACRA Savings Marketplace

Find discounts on hundreds of goods and services including mobile phones, computers, hotels, car rental, and more. Full details below.

BETA Carbon Dating – Additional Benefits

ACRA members get additional benefits when submitting samples; more below.

NEW! Atlatl Archaeology & Laboratory Services – Additional Benefits

ACRA members get a 10% discount on first orders for laboratory services and a 5% discount for subsequent orders.

Meetings & Continuing Education

ACRA member firms gain unique access to these events and learning opportunities:

Annual Conference

A dynamic annual conference focusing on the needs of ACRA members.


Web-based, member only forums for candid discussion of CRM business issues.

Small business networking

Small ACRA firms have access to mastermind groups that provide professionally guided networking, business support, and more year round.

Continuing Education

Webinar-based and in-person workshops that offer valuable CRM business skills offered several times during the year. Learn more here. Member firms enjoy a firm-wide registration fee: once one person pays to attend an ACRA webinar, all other firm employees can attend for no additional cost.

Support a Better CRM Industry


Through our Government Relations Committee, and with the support of our government relations counsel, Agora, ACRA communicates with federal and state lawmakers, staffers, and agencies to ensure that the voice of the CRM industry is heard.

Industry Awards

ACRA Industry awards recognize quality products and preservation concerns.

ACRA Healthcare Program

Through our partnership with the Small Association Leadership Alliance, we are pleased to offer members the new ACRA Healthcare Program. Part-time and temporary employees, such as field technicians, are all eligible to enroll in this program open only to ACRA member firms. Please login to learn more about this creative program and proven insurance alternative that is saving members an average of 60% per month! Additional information on the ACRA Healthcare Program, including how it works, can be found in the recording of our informational webinar.

ACRA Professional Liability Insurance Discount

Members firms are eligible for a 5-10% discount on policies through our affiliation with Coterie, an insurance provider that simplifies insurance for small business owners by leveraging technology and data.

View the members-only version

To get more detailed information, or access these benefits, please log-in to the members-only page.

BETA provides added benefits to ACRA Members

  • ACRA Members with good credit standing will be offered a NET 30 day* repayment period.
  • Partial fee charges for samples that cannot be dated due to inadequate size after pretreatments, or due to the lack of collagen will be waived for ACRA Members.

ACRA Savings Marketplace

As a part of the Marketplace, ACRA members can receive hundreds of discounts on goods and services they use in their everyday life. Not only can this help firms save money, but this benefit can also be passed along to all firm employees for their personal use. Examples of discounts include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Hotels
  • Car rental
  • Clothing
  • Event tickets
  • Amazon flash deals
  • and much more!


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