Our vision is for a robust and thriving CRM industry delivering responsible solutions that balance development and preservation and enjoying strong support from clients, government, and the public.

The American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) is the national network of professional members and service partners representing the cultural resource management (CRM) industry and associated fields of study. To help guide smart, sustainable economic development and safeguard important historic and cultural heritage assets, ACRA members apply specialized research skills within a framework of federal, state, local, and/or tribal law and facilitate an open dialog where every stakeholder has a voice. ACRA advocates for its members and provides them with tools, know-how, networking, and other opportunities to excel as businesses.

ACRA’s mission is to ensure that every development project is informed by our past—and by the insights of all stakeholders and community members —and that every project seizes the opportunity to grow our shared understanding of the multi-faceted cultural heritage of the United States.

To fulfill our mission, we:

  • Advocate for conditions that allow the CRM industry to thrive
  • Improve the business efficacy of ACRA member firms
  • Improve the practice of cultural resource management

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