University Partnership Program

The cultural resource management industry and academia have always been closely linked, and collaboration between the two is now more important than ever before. ACRA’s University Partnership Program aims to create stronger links between institutions of higher learning and CRM firms to prepare students for a career in the industry.

This new program will bring multiple initiatives, with the first being the university recognition program. Future initiatives will include resources and best practices for preparing students for a career in the industry, increased access to internships, and more.

University Recognition Program

The first initiative of the University Partnership Program aims to recognize colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning that prepare their students well for a career in CRM. Institutions are evaluated on how their programs address a list of topics, including basic business principles, ethics, and more.

Institutions interested in becoming recognized under this program should complete the recognition form, where the full list of evaluation topics is available. Submissions will be reviewed by the Academic Collaboration Committee.