Membership Patron Program

In order to fulfill its mission, ACRA needs to represent the CRM industry as a whole – firms of all sizes, specialties, and composition. The Membership Patron Program seeks to bring a more diverse set of voices to the organization through the sponsorship of small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) non-member firms for one year of membership.

A DBE is a for-profit, independent small business concern that is:

    • At least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged; and
    • Whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of the socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who own it.
    • Groups considered socially disadvantaged include Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Subcontinent Asian Americans, Women and other groups found to be disadvantaged by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The program is open to non-member firms who qualify at one of the small firm levels (found here). If your firm fits these qualifications, simply click here to fill out the application to be sponsored. 

Applicants will be paired with an existing member firm (a patron) for one year. These pairing will be based on factors such as location, specialty, and more. The goal of the mentor/patron relationship is focused solely on ACRA involvement and is intended to assist new firms in getting the most out of their ACRA membership. It is not intended to provide guidance on business practices or development.

Make sure your voice is represented both within ACRA and on the national stage – apply now.

The MPP relies solely on donations from member firms. Current member firms who are interested in contributing to the program can do so via the form below. Please enter one of the following amounts to choose which small firm level you would like to sponsor:

  • Small Firm 1 – $120
    Firms generating $0-$99,000 in revenue
  • Small Firm 2 – $275
    Firms generating $100,000-$199,000 in annual revenue
  • Small Firm 3 – $440
    Firms generating between $200,000 to $399,000 annually

Firms who contribute to the fund will be paired with an applicant firm to serve as a mentor for a period of one year.

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