Priorities and Positions

“Congress finds and declares that…the increased knowledge of our historic resources, the establishment of better means of identifying and administering them, and the encouragement of their preservation will improve the planning and execution of Federal and federally assisted projects, and will assist economic growth and development”

— National Historic Preservation Act of 1966

Advocacy and government relations are central to achieving ACRA’s goals. Through our Government Relations Committee, and with the support of our government relations counsel Agora, ACRA communicates with federal and state lawmakers, staffers, and agencies to ensure that the voice of the CRM industry is heard. To strengthen our industry, we help Members of Congress and government officials understand the scope of our business, the importance of historic preservation, and the impact of the cultural resource management industry on the economy.

ACRA’s Government Relations Committee has identified the following legislative and regulatory conditions that will allow the CRM industry to thrive:

  • Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act is consistently applied to all federal undertakings.
  • SHPOs and THPOs have sufficient resources to carry out timely Section 106 reviews. Lack of sufficient resources leads to unnecessary delays on projects, which leads to poor outcomes for clients and resources.
  • Small businesses are encouraged to thrive and to contract with the federal government.

Check out our Latest News section for updates on bills we are monitoring, our latest agency comment letters, and ways that you can help advocate for the CRM Industry.

Learn more about the issues ACRA works on below.

Cultural Resources Management/Section 106

Ensuring projects comply with our nation's preservation laws.

Historic Preservation

Advocating for federal policies that support the work of telling our nation's story.


Educating policymakers on the importance of conserving our natural and built environments together.

Small Business

Helping CRM firms thrive in an often challenging economic environment.


Ensuring CRM firms can compete for contracts on a level playing field and provide the best value to taxpayers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Advocating for policies that safeguard the rights of underrepresented communities.