University Partnership Program

University Recognition Form

    ACRA’s university partnership program aims to recognize programs at all types of institutions of higher learning that provide a well-rounded base in preparation for work in CRM. Programs will be evaluated on how they address the following areas:

    • Basic business principles
    • Technical writing
    • Ethics
    • GIS
    • Quantitative analysis and data management
    • Laboratory materials analysis, methods, and curation
    • Field methods
    • History of discipline
    • Laws & regulations governing discipline
    • Diverse stakeholder engagement
    • Working with Tribal nations
    • Exposure to other CRM disciplines outside of program focus (i.e. archaeology, architectural history, ethnography, etc.)
    • North American field experiences/opportunities

    Please indicate the primary academic focus(es) of your program (check all that apply):

    Program type (check all that apply):

    Do students complete internships as a part of program requirements?

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    Should more space be needed than provided in the form, additional supplementary information can be submitted to ACRA’s Executive Director.

    Note: University Partners will also need to be members of ACRA to ensure that they are able to pass benefits on to their student population in these programs. University Partnership Program applications will be reviewed by a panel of Academic Collaboration Committee members. Approved Partners should provide a logo, description of the program, and link to their website for display on the ACRA website.