The Business of Heritage: Available August 1

06/18/2020 4:39 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

This post was submitted by AECOM, an ACRA member firm.

AECOM archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists work on projects throughout the world, and Cambridge Scholars Publishing is coming out with a collection of these studies titled The Business of Heritage on August 1.

Edited by AECOM Australian archaeologist, Darran Jordan, the intention was to collect diverse papers on AECOM projects to contextualise their work within a broader milieu of archaeological study and document the way in which an international business contributes to the development of academic knowledge on a global scale.

Contributors to The Business of Heritage include:

  • Darran Jordan’s work on Aboriginal midden monitoring at Summerland Point in Australia; 
  • James Lyttleton and Neil Macnab detailing their work on the Ulster Scots Archaeological Services Project, archaeology of the early seventeenth-century in Northern Ireland; 
  • Scott K. Seibel on geophysical investigations of a nineteenth century fort in the USA; 
  • Helen Maclean and Jonathan Shipley on their work avoiding impacts to Roman Archaeology in North Yorkshire, UK for the A1 Dishforth to Barton road project;
  • M. K. Meiser on managing the cultural resources at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountainview, California;
  • Mark Service on managing cultural values in the industrial landscape of Cornwall, UK for the Luxulyan Valley project; and 
  • Andrew McLaren and Geordie Oakes on investigating prehistoric Aboriginal place use on Sydney's Cumberland Plain in Australia.

You can pre-order The Business of Heritage now from Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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