If you missed the last session of the ACRA Careers webinar series, it is now available on Webinars on Demand!

This empowering seminar will equip you with the essential self-care tools to thrive in your professional journey! Our seminar is specifically designed to help you understand and manage your very own ‘self-care dashboard’—the key to unlocking peak performance and fulfillment in your career.

The goals of this webinar are to:

  • The Self-Care Dashboard: Discover the powerful concept of your personal self-care dashboard and how it influences your overall well-being and success.
  • ‘Is it Me or My Job?’: Gain clarity on distinguishing between personal challenges and job-related issues to address concerns effectively.
  • The Role of Self-Care in Motivation and Productivity: Learn how self-care practices positively impact your motivation levels and overall productivity at work.
  • Take Control of How You ‘Show Up’: Explore practical strategies to take charge of your mindset and emotional well-being, ensuring you present your best self in every professional situation.
  • Nurturing Communication and Relationships: Understand how fostering positive communication and relationships enhances work satisfaction and boosts productivity.

Watch the presentation now on ACRA Webinars on Demand.