The cultural resource management industry and academia have always been closely linked, and collaboration between the two is now more important than ever before. ACRA’s University Partnership Program aims to create stronger links between universities and CRM firms to prepare students for a career in the industry.

The first initiative of the program recognizes all types of institutions of higher learning that prepare their students well for a career in CRM. Universities are evaluated on how their programs address a list of topics, including basic business principles, ethics, and more.

If you are a student or young professional looking to start a career in a CRM-related field, ACRA-recognized universities will give you a good base of knowledge to land a position in the industry. There are programs that fit all types of CRM fields of study and degree levels. Programs of study from recognized universities include:

17 programs have been recognized by ACRA thus far, and the list continues to grow! Check out the currently recognized universities here.

Expect more to come from the University Partnership Program in 2024, including increasing access to internships!

If you are part of an institution that is interested in becoming recognized by ACRA, click here to learn more about the evaluation criteria and submit your information.