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Salary: $65,437.00 – $73,879.00 Annually

Class Definition

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Within a Department of Executive Military Staff, Maintenance of Federal Buildings, Facilities Management Program area designated as a small-sized organization component, to have a mid-level professional planning position with the primary responsibility of providing technical assistance to the Environmental Program Manager (EPM) on major compliance projects and assisting in the coordination of interdepartmental activities and to do related work as required.

Illustrative Examples of Work Performed


The fundamental reason this classification exists is to advise and ensure the Environmental Program Manager (EPM) is kept fully informed on technical and administrative aspects of specific environmental programs. The incumbent assists the EPM in coordinating technical administrative and regulatory activities between the Federal, State and various environmental committees, commissions and groups. Responsibilities include collecting and coordinating data, monitoring environmental studies and programs, providing technical and administrative assistance to the EPM in the areas of cultural and natural resource issues, air regulations, radon testing, asbestos abatement, hazardous waste and recycling programs, supervising contracted projects, responding to environmental inquiries from other departments, cities, towns and the media, and assisting in various environmental outreach programs.


The incumbent will assist/facilitate the design, development and implementation of various compliance and planning projects, including but not limited to studies, reports, and workshops. Specific duties for the Department include writing, editing, reviewing, and analyzing materials for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation and other types of environmental reports related to both natural and cultural resource policy. The work will be performed under the Environmental Program Manager (EPM) and provide direct assistance in coordinating projects and maintenance of programmatic scheduling. (A moderate degree of autonomy and independent judgment in performing work and developing internal and external reports and studies will be allowed.) The incumbent will perform related work duties as required. The incumbent assists the EPM in coordinating technical administrative and regulatory activities between the Federal, State, and local agencies to include federally recognized tribes, various environmental committees, commissions and groups. Responsibilities include collecting and coordinating data, monitoring environmental studies and programs, providing technical and administrative assistance in the development of workshops for Rhode Island Army National Guard (RIARNG) personnel and facilities. Responds to environmental inquiries from other departments and assists in environmental outreach programs. Plans, coordinates and oversees the administrative and technical activities of the environmental compliance assessment program at all RIARNG facilities throughout Rhode Island. To develop, organize, implement and maintain the environmental compliance-auditing program for facilities. To establish and maintain a systematic review and analysis of environmental compliance statuses and measure progress toward accomplishment of objectives. Monitor activities of auditing teams of the federal government and contractors. To conduct field inspections as required and determine compliance statuses. Identify, analyze and evaluate system requirements and pollution sources. Resolve non-compliance issues in the field when possible, or recommend corrective action for RIARNG planning, programming and implementation. To provide technical guidance on achieving environmental compliance statuses at facilities and operations. Assist in the formulation of plans, programs and operations to accomplish objectives in the environmental compliance program. Provide in-house expertise in estimating and assure technical adequacy of plans and documents. To maintain a database capable to monitor environmental compliance statuses. Interface with RIARNG and National Guard Bureau to develop work plans for federal and state funding. To prepare progress reports. Assist in the development of environmental compliance programs in accordance with laws, regulations and policies. Prepare and review records of environmental consideration, assessments, and impact statements. Assist with emergency response activities and training of federal, state, and other organizations and agencies personnel. Act as a liaison to encourage inter-agency cooperation with other departments, municipalities, and public/private/nonprofit and federal officials in solving environmental issues. Produce written communication, such as newsletters, reports, program summaries, and technical memorandums for presentation in response to inquiries or complaints. Review technical and regulatory literature to maintain knowledge of new environmental developments. To attend professional conferences, meetings and training and update RIARNG environmental programs, as directed. Recommend implementation of regulatory changes impacting operations at military training sites, Readiness Centers, maintenance shops, facilities or construction sites in question. To perform related work as required.

Required Qualifications for Appointment

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of environmental issues, program, regulations and policies, which impact the federal, state or local government. Relationship of National Guard operations to environmental impacts. Report writing and presentations. Principles and practices of federal and state budgeting. Must have the ability to work cooperatively with others. Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar. Coordinate; manage a variety of technical, regulatory and administrative activities with various agencies and departments. Make sound judgments based on analysis. Monitor and expedite ongoing and planned environmental programs. Manage time resources and multiple priorities in a manner so as to produce acceptable quality work products. Communicate orally with customers, clients, and the public using a telephone or in a one-to-one or group setting. Must be computer literate working with software (MS Word, Excel, Access) and other web-based software programs.

Special Requirements: Subject to BCI and NAC background investigation for security purposes. Must have and maintain a valid State of Rhode Island driver’s license for duration of employment. Must be available to travel extensively (in state and out of state) and participate in continuous upgraded training related to environmental programs. Previous experience with NEPA, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, is preferred.

Education: Graduation from an accredited or registered four-year college with a BachelorsDegree in the natural sciences, natural resources, planning or related field.

Experience: Such as may have been gained through: employment of at least one year of full- time paid experience in areas of federal, state or local governmental agency, that involved planning and environmental impact analysis and compliance programs. OR, any equivalent combination of training and experience as described above