The past few years have seen a lot of changes in the industry, including increases in wages and salaries across the board. ACRA will be conducting its next round of the salary survey early next year, which will give firms a detailed look at trends in wages, salaries, benefits, and more (see the 2018 results here). While we wait for those full results, we need you to help us look at the current trends for one specific role!

We have had questions from a number of member firms about current trends in wage rates for archaeological field technicians and per diem rates. Please take this short, 3-question survey telling us about your current pay rate for entry-level archaeological field technicians. We will use this to provide ACRA members with an estimate of regional wage trends in the current market. The survey can be submitted anonymously so it is not tied to your firm, and only ACRA staff will have access to the full set of results. 

The aggregated data that comes from this survey will also help inform the discussions at a number of upcoming meetings, including the next Hot Topics session in August and at the Annual Conference. Please take 1 minute to share your rates to ensure accurate results!