The National Park Service is seeking applicants for the Regional Director-Intermountain Region in Lakewood, CO. The listed salary range for this position is $176,300 – $203,700 per year.

The Regional Director, Intermountain Region is responsible for policy development, and interpretation; park oversight; strategy development and park advocacy; fiscal and human resource allocations; and selection and growth of park and regional leadership. Responsibilities include:

  • Executive-level direction and line management to subordinate functional managers. Gives technical direction, as well as manages the delegated duties and responsibilities of organizational and national programs.
  • Manages programs that are concerned with the interpretation, use, development, protection, maintenance, and environmental quality of the areas in the Region.
  • Program oversight of construction and land acquisition.
  • Manages a broad spectrum of partnership programs.
  • Manages the funds for park operations and projects, including a broad spectrum of public-partnership projects and programs.
  • Provides leadership in NPS civic initiatives, promoting public involvement and dialogue in key planning, interpretation, education, and preservation issues.
  • Ensures best practices in business management to protect park resources and provide visitor and community services.
  • Responsible for the direction of identification and correction of job safety and health hazards, instruction of employees on safety requirements for job assignments, reviewing and reporting loss incidents, initiation of corrective measures for violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act standards, and the direction of periodic inspection of workplaces.
  • Oversees a broad and varied external affairs program.
  • Through key staff members, assumes responsibility for the protection of park resources and visitors.
  • Represents the National Park Service on activities in the Region.
  • Maintains effective liaison and working relationships with members of Congress; the Secretary of the Interior and members of his/her staff; officials of other Federal, State, and Tribal agencies; elected leaders (Governors, Chairpersons, Presidents, etc.) of American Indian tribes; mayors of major cities and other municipal authorities; and a diverse range of organizations, groups, and individuals.

More information and how to apply is available on USAJobs.