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Introducing the ACRA Savings Marketplace, where ACRA members receive hundreds of exclusive discounts. From hotels to computers, from mobile phones to tickets to sporting events, there are discounts for both professional and personal use.

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Your ACRA membership includes the following benefits:

  • Advocacy: Through our Government Relations Committee, and with the support of our government relations counsel, Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC, ACRA communicates with federal and state lawmakers, staffers, and agencies to ensure that the voice of the CRM industry is heard.
  • Annual Conference: A dynamic annual conference focusing on the needs of ACRA members.
  • Forums: Web-based, member only forums for candid discussion of CRM business issues.
  • Continuing Education: Webinar based and in-person workshops that offer valuable CRM business skills offered several times during the year.
  • Industry Awards: Industry awards that recognize quality products and preservation concerns.
  • Business Opportunities: Networking with small, medium, and large ACRA firms in a range of disciplines around the USA; team and sub-consult with other member firms; support and mentorship opportunities.
  • Industry Discounts: Login to the website to learn more here.

CAIS Radiocarbon Dates Discount

Just by being a member of ACRA you can receive 10% off all analytical services at CAIS! This includes AMS dating. Login to the website to view the link and discount code here.

BETA provides added benefits to ACRA Members
    1.  ACRA Members who submit samples to BETA for Radiocarbon Dating will automatically be UPGRADED to our PRIORITY Deliver Service* (results reported within 6 business days) from the Standard Delivery Service (results reported within 14 business days).  This is a savings of $200 per sample as compared to the regular PRIORITY Delivery Service fee.
    2. ACRA Members with good credit standing will be offered a NET 30 day* repayment period.
    3. Partial fee charges for samples that cannot be dated due to inadequate size after pretreatments, or due to the lack of collagen will be waived for ACRA Members.

    Heritage Business International offers discount to ACRA Members

    ACRA members receive 50 percent off of U.S. and Canada CRM industry data reports from Heritage Business International. These reports present the size of the industry annually from 1971 (U.S.) and 2006 (Canada). Most importantly, they provide a five-year annual forecast for the industry. Data are provided in summary, graph, and table formats and include nominal and real (inflation corrected) dollars. Additionally, the U.S. report provides a breakdown by region. Published annually, these data reports are essential for calculating your firm’s market share, benchmarking your firm against industry performance, five-year strategic planning, and setting next year’s budget based on industry change. Login to the website to view the link and discount code here.

    ACRA Savings Marketplace

    As a part of the Marketplace, ACRA members can receive hundreds of discounts on goods and services they use in their everyday life. Not only can this help firms save money, but this benefit can also be passed along to all firm employees for their personal use. Examples of discounts include:

      • Mobile phones
      • Computers
      • Hotels
      • Car rental
      • Clothing
      • Event tickets
      • Amazon flash deals
      • and much more!



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