The Florida offices of Commonwealth Heritage Group are searching for archaeological field technicians for fieldwork beginning in May 2022. Fieldwork will generally involve Phase I survey for moderate-scale (ca. 1-4 week) projects) in central and northern Florida. Technicians will be part of a team responsible for conducting pedestrian and shovel test survey as well as documentation of survey efforts and archaeological resources. Ability to work independently and in teams to excavate and screen shovel tests, navigate/traverse difficult terrain and walk continuously throughout the day, recognize precontact and postcontact artifacts, and describe soil contexts with appropriate terminology is required. Ability to carry field equipment, personal gear (including hydration supplies and lunch depending on distance from field vehicles) is expected. Note: heat tolerance is necessary—Florida is very hot this time of year.

Limited assistant supervisory positions for qualified applicants with site recordation and GPS operation experience may be available. There is also an ongoing Phase III mitigation project in Miami which needs additional staff.

Pay ranges from $16 to $18/hour based on training and experience. Hotel (single occupancy), and $40 per day diem (no receipt documentation required) provided. Transportation to/from the job location may be provided, depending on location. Mileage reimbursement will be provided if personal vehicles are needed. Weekend hotel stays will be considered for reasonable requests.

More information and how to apply is available here.