HBI Financial Report: CRM 2019 Performance Statistics

05/29/2020 2:49 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Heritage Business International, L3C (HBI) released the results of its annual Cultural Resources Management (CRM) Financial Performance Survey for 2019 earlier this month. From the press release:

The report is used by firms to benchmark their performance against competitors in the industry, as a check on financial health, and as a basis for strategic and operational planning.

The 45-page report includes the background context, survey sampling information, performance statistics, annual change, graphs, and a data summary table. Major categories include gross sales, subcontracting, gross margin, contracting, labor, client retention, cost of capital, debt, and receivables outstanding. Most major categories are broken down into subcategories. The survey report may be purchased and downloaded from heritagebusiness.org.

Highlights from this year’s survey include:

  • Revenue increased by 15 percent.
  • For the first time, organizations are doing more work as subcontractors than they are as prime contractors.
  • Net profit increased to 5.8 percent.
  • Client retention increased to 41.4 percent.
  • Profitability is below the weighted average cost of capital and what is required for value return.

“The strengthening market and performance of firms that we knew had been happening can now be quantified” said Christopher Dore, Ph.D., a consultant and the survey manager at HBI. “During 2019, industry firms were stronger than they have been over the past few years. That said, though, overall mean net profits continue to be below the overall mean weighted average cost of capital and this indicates that industry firms continue to lose financial value. That’s not sustainable and should be a significant concern.”

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