Heritage Compliance Sentiment Survey Results Released for Q1 2021

04/08/2021 12:16 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

From Heritage Business International, L3C (HBI): 

Heritage Business International, L3C (HBI) released the results of its U.S. and Canadian Heritage Office Managers’ Sentiment Survey for the first quarter of 2021 today. Each quarter, the survey asks office managers of organizations providing heritage services if their invoices will be less, the same, or more in the next quarter, in six months, and in a year. An index of 50 is the same, greater than 50 is growth, and less than 50 is contraction.

At the U.S. national level, the next-quarter index is 55.2. In Canada it is an impressive 88.2, the highest in the history of the survey. Six-month and one-year indices are also provided in the report.

“Office managers at heritage organizations forecast consistent and significant growth in invoicing over the next year” said Christopher Dore, Ph.D., a consultant and the survey manager at HBI. “This is consistent with the record backlogs reported in the environmental consulting industry. Managers will be challenged in hiring the necessary staff to convert this backlogged work into invoice dollars.”

The full survey report that includes trends, regional data, historical data, and some state data may be purchased and downloaded on HBI’s web site: https://heritagebusiness.org/shop.

Heritage Business International is an L3C social enterprise venture dedicated to helping heritage organizations increase their value, sustainability, and impact. The HBI Office Managers Quarterly Sentiment Survey for the U.S. began in the second quarter of 2017.

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