Each year, many of us struggle to find affordable healthcare for ourselves, our families, and our employees, but as you may know, we are now offering our members another option to consider. We have partnered with SALA (an industry trade association for organizations like ours) to offer an exciting healthcare solution. Part-time and temporary employees, such as field technicians, are all eligible to enroll in this program open only to ACRA member firms – and they can stay on the program as long as they need to, even after they no longer work with the member firm.

Our team remains committed to providing our members with an affordable healthcare solution and through the SALA program there are now two options for you to consider:

  1. SALA Direct for Individuals, Families and Companies – provides more flexibility and options to choose from and there are no minimums for enrollment.
  2. The NEW SALA 1Complete for Groups of 3 or more – This is only for groups of 3 or more participants, simplified pricing, and provides more bundled services including expanded telehealth, dental, and vision care. Groups with 3 or more can choose to participate in either program.

Each program offers the member a choice for preventative care, prescription drugs, telemedicine, and cost sharing for larger, unforeseen medical expenses. Members have the flexibility to customize their healthcare, while providing an affordable solution. In fact, members are saving up to 60% monthly and reporting a 91% satisfaction rate!

Please join us, and our partners at SALA, on any of the webinars dates listed below to learn more about what the program can offer you!.

Schedule of Webinars

11/19 – Groups of 3 or more – Register

All program details can also be found on the members-only benefits page on our website along with videos on both programs and pricing. If you, your family or company would like to speak directly with SALA and schedule a one-on-one webinar, please email them directly at healthcare@smallassociations.org.