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01/03/2021 6:17 PM | Emma Altman

ACRA Community- 

The use of scientific techniques like portable X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (pXRFis becoming more common in historical archaeology. Research focusing on how and why archaeologists use these techniques is important to ensuring the future effective and appropriate use of them. I’m currently an anthropology master’s student at the University of Idaho (under the advisement of Mark Warner), and my thesis research is focused on the appropriateness of the use of pXRF in historical archaeology.

As part of this research, I’m interested in looking at grey literature (site reports and other documents) for historic sites that include the use of pXRF so I might understand the contexts that pXRF is currently being used inAny shared materials would not be reproduced in the thesis; all data would be analyzed in non-identifiable aggregate. In the unlikely scenario that I would like to include specific details, I will directly request permission from your firm.  

If you or your firm have any documents or reports that you would be willing to share with me for this research project, please contact me at ealtman@uidaho.edu. 


Emma Altman
ACRA Student Member


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