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12/18/2020 12:02 PM | Mike Metcalf

Editor's Note: The Institute for Heritage Education is an opportunity for individual firms to support heritage education. ACRA is currently working on programs that complement IHE's work at an organizational level, including partnering directly with universities. Look for big announcements on these programs in early 2021.

Dear Colleagues,

As a cultural resources management professional you know the importance of alternative mitigation strategies and public participation when designing Treatment Plans. In fact, more engaged communication with and inclusion of the public remain important goals supported by the profession, as well as being codified in regulations.

The Institute for Heritage Education (IHE) is a new, 501(c)3 heritage-focused non-profit dedicated to furthering the inclusion of all types of heritage studies in educational curricula ( Metcalf Archaeological Consultants (Metcalf) joined the board of IHE not just because we support the Institute’s goals, but because we have seen the success of inclusion of programs like Project Archaeology in our Treatment Plans. IHE’s mission is to provide and support education that helps people understand and appreciate their own cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others. Its specific purposes are to:

  1.  Support established and new cultural heritage education programs and projects by providing funding, curriculum development, professional development, consultation and continuity of leadership as needed to help make those efforts sustainable and optimally effective.
  2. Provide materials and professional development opportunities for cultural heritage educators, including classroom teachers, museum educators, cultural resource interpretation specialists and youth group leaders.
  3. Contribute to the professionalization of cultural heritage education.

IHE exists because of the passion of Jeanne Moe who was the long term program lead for Project Archaeology. She and a small group of volunteers provided the groundwork and seed money to get the organization started, and IHE awarded 11 small educational grants in 2020. We are asking for contributions from cultural resource management companies because IHE’s goals align with critical needs for the industry to demonstrate the relevancy of CRM to native communities and the general public. Metcalf will be donating to the organization and offering volunteer support from our team to help it achieve its goal for financial stability, and we will be personally donating as well. We are asking you and/or your firm help IHE reach its fundraising goal of $25,000.00 for 2021.

A thriving IHE will be a perfect conduit for communicating the importance of the work we do to a wider, more engaged and critical audience. Embedding cultural heritage into education ensures continued interest and support for heritage programs.

Thank you for joining our appeal,

Mike Metcalf

Becca Simon

IHE Board of Directors

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