Introducing Mastermind: A New Way to Help Small Firms

10/16/2020 4:32 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Owning a small business can be tough.

Especially if you feel you have to solve every problem yourself.

But what if you could reach out to other people who have faced similar challenges? What if you could meet with other smart people to face problems and challenges together?

A mastermind group can help you do just that. In a mastermind, people lean on each other, give advice, and share connections. Small business owners, in particular, can benefit from this type of peer-to-peer mentoring.

ACRA is pleased to offer a mastermind group to help our small business members with goal setting, strategic planning, and accountability.

When: Monthly, beginning January 2021.
Where: Virtual, in real time.
Instructor: Lauren Simonis

The mastermind group will be customized to the attendees' needs, but will typically focus on goal setting, networking, and workshopping solutions to the common challenges that all of our businesses face. The mastermind will be twelve, 60-75 minute sessions, held in live online video chat (the attendees will work with Lauren to determine the specific schedule).

Fee (Includes all digital materials and an additional 30 minutes for the first and last sessions for introductions, expectations, and close-out): $400

The mastermind group is limited to 7 participants, and is only open to small firm membership levels. Save your space NOW!

Join the ACRA Mastermind Group

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