NC State Representative Visits New South Associates

01/30/2020 1:49 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

The following post was authored by Shawn Patch of New South Associates.

In the January meeting of the ACRA Government Relations Committee, we discussed the importance of expanding ACRA’s advocacy to include the state and local levels. I have previously participated in CRM Day on the Hill, but until now had not reached out to North Carolina state legislators.

On January 28, 2020, state representative Mary Price (Pricey) Harrison (NC61) visited our office in Greensboro, North Carolina. The timing worked well because the legislature just completed a special session and does not begin its regular session until April.

Pricey spent about 45 minutes with us and we discussed a range of topics. We gave her an overview of CRM with specific examples of state-level projects (transportation, mass transit, and renewable energy) and explained the federal regulatory framework. We also talked about state tax credits for renovating historic properties and she lamented that they have been eliminated in North Carolina. It was clear to us that she understands the value of historic preservation.

We came away with several important outcomes:

  • First, she is now aware of our business in her district. 
  • Second, she has expressed an interest in specifically tightening state statutes regarding cemeteries and how they are treated as development pressures intensify. 
  • Third, she agreed to look into the funding sources for the NC SHPO and consider expanding that state’s contribution (we emphasized the need for digitizing paper records and GIS). Admittedly, this is a heavy lift given the current atmosphere in NC. 
  • And finally, we let her know that New South and ACRA can be a resource for any issues related to cultural resources at the state level.

Overall, it was a great meeting and we are grateful for her time. She is a strong supporter of the environment and historic preservation, so this was a fun meeting for all of us.

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