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12/12/2019 3:26 PM | ACRA Lobbying Team

Last week we asked you to contact your representatives about the reorganization of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). If you still haven't made your call, we need you to do so now!

The Trump Administration is moving the headquarters of BLM, and it is anticipated that the BLM will lose the majority of their CRM staff at the start of the year, which could endanger cultural resources across the country.

While the Government Accountability Office has agreed to review this move, the threat to CRM is still very real. Two former BLM directors recently published an op-ed detailing their concern:

"Our view is that the plan is a poorly disguised attempt to destroy the agency from the inside. BLM state directors and field managers in the West already have the authority to make land-use, leasing and permitting decisions and facilitate coordination with state, tribal and local governments. The 3 percent in Washington focuses on policy, oversight and coordination at the national level with other federal agencies, Congress and national public interest groups. This is work that must be done in Washington to be effective."

Read the full op-ed in Politico here.

The Coalition for American Heritage webpage makes it easy to take action in just minutes - it has links to your Member of Congress and a sample email message. Ask Congress NOW to carefully conduct strong oversight of the BLM reorganization and halt any actions that would diminish the Office of Cultural, Paleontological Resources and Tribal Consultation.

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