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Applied Earthworks, Inc.


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559 229 1856
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Applied Earthworks, Inc.
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1391 W. Shaw Avenue Suite C
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Applied EarthWorks, Inc. specializes in history, archaeology, paleontology, and cultural resource management. Current laws and regulations mandate consideration of prehistoric and historical remains. We use a variety of procedures to manage these resources without impeding progress. Through effective communication, technical expertise, economical and efficient project management, and creative solutions, Æ makes it possible to build for the future without sacrificing our cultural heritage.

The company's highest priority is to ensure client satisfaction through skilled consultation and the timely delivery of high-quality documentation that satisfies regulatory requirements. Our archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, geologists, paleontologists, and other specialists offer extensive experience in environmental consulting, field and laboratory research, project management, and administration. These professionals can determine specific client needs and formulate appropriate management strategies for each project.

Our staff has successfully completed all phases of cultural resource and paleontological studies for small- and large-scale projects on behalf of cities, counties, public utilities, construction and engineering firms, developers, and state and federal agencies. By providing services that promote project advancement, Æ has facilitated reservoir and water pipeline construction, highway improvements, updated communications systems, community development and infrastructure upgrades, urban redevelopment, and improved energy generation and transmission.
Federal Far Codes
  • HAZWOPER-Certified Staff
  • SB (Small Business)
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Mary Baloian
Professional Services Offered
  • Archaeology
  • Architectural History
  • Cultural/Applied Anthropology
  • Geoarchaeology
  • GIS Specialist
  • HABS/HAER Specialist
  • History
  • NEPA Compliance (EA/EIS)
  • NHPA Compliance (Section 106/110)
Regions Where Firm Operates
  • Pacific West: (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA)
Service States
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon



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