What the 2018 Election Results Mean for CRM

The 2018 midterm elections brought record numbers to the polls, and the results will bring a change in power to D.C. Come January, Democrats will become the majority party in the House of Representatives, and Republicans will remain in control in the Senate. With another two years left in President Trump's term, how will this change affect the CRM industry?

In this session Marion Werkheiser, ACRA’s chief lobbyist and representative for the Coalition for American Heritage, briefs participants on the election results and takes a deep dive into what they mean for member and non-member firms alike. Watch the presentation below to learn how the balance of power has changed in Washington, what it means for public lands policy, and how the Administration's deregulatory agenda still threatens cultural resources management.

We look forward to advancing our agenda in the days ahead. To support ACRA’s advocacy fund, please contribute here. Every bit helps! If you are not yet a member of ACRA, you can join here.



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